Where to Begin…

…maybe here, with a few words of introduction. You know what this blog is about just from the title and description, and I don’t need to cover in-depth what I want to do with film: like most other film bloggers, I’ll be discussing film and film-related news as it comes. Since I also write and direct films (albeit sporadically right now), I will sometimes discuss that experience and what I learn from the process.

I do want to say making this blog was a difficult decision. It seems everybody’s made one by now, and I’m just running to catch the bandwagon before they leave town. That describes my involvement with most online crazes: everyone had settled into Facebook when I came crashing in, Twitter must have drawn yawns from some long-time members by the time I logged my first Tweet, and MySpace was dead, decayed, and buried before I even heard of it. Now that everyone’s getting a Tumbler, a blog is the next best alternative to following the leader, I guess.

More than that, I sometimes wonder why I should bother talking about films when many others have done it first and better. If you want a holistic understanding of the film world, read MovieBob, Film Critic Hulk, and one of the big film news sites like Ain’t it Cool News and you never have to look anywhere else. Besides, I’ve already harped on film loudly enough and nonstop in my school’s newspaper. That’s the only thing I write about, while other people cover sports, social causes, equal rights, politics, environmental issues – the list goes on. What else do I have to add to such a comparably trite topic?

Not too much, admittedly, but I guess I’m going ahead because film means the world to me, and I care passionately enough to seek an outlet and share my thoughts with anyone curious enough to read. If there’s any deeper motivation, maybe it’s trying to discuss films without dipping into the facetiousness and need for non-stop wit and irreverent humor that has plagued the Twitter / Facebook status generation. I’m not above levity, when it builds organically from the discussion, but when it becomes an enforced standard – if someone doesn’t throw in a Dr. Who / zombie quote five posts in, the Internet has failed! – where does that leave people who care about what they discuss and don’t want to automatically demean it? I want to encourage a range of emotions in film/online discussions in general, a lofty and probably inconceivable goal, but motivation is motivation, and now I’m here.

I hope you, the hypothetical or real reader, enjoy my blog as I write and develop it.



About serbianfilmmaker

I am an amateur film critic and aspiring amateur filmmaker who also appreciates quality music, literature, television... I live, essentially, in an insulated art world, and the least I can do is try and share my perspective with the world-at-large.
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